Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's my Party & I Can Sleep if I Want To!

So here's the deal...I turn two years old today, well according to the veterinarian I am really something like 18 years old in people years, HUMBUG!

You can pretty much get an idea of how I spent my day..lolling around in a half empty drawer that my soul mate hasn't even properly prepared for my BIG CELEBRATION!
Then she has the GALL to wake me up just to take these stupid pictures!
And WHO SAYS it's my Birthday anyway? Was she there? Did she "see" it happen? HECK NO!!!!

Think I will just try to ignore the whole mess.

And go back to my ORIGINAL PLANS....after all, 4 am comes around pretty quickly and that's when I have to get busy everyday disturbing HER sleep to get her to PLAY with me!!!
Squeaker, Queen of Her World

Etsy Speaker Series, Here We Come: Handmade Marketplace

Etsy Speaker Series, Here We Come: Handmade Marketplace

A blogger friend of mine and downright "interesting" person, Kim Werker, who is collaborating on a book about selling online sent me this post. They will be conducting an online interview AT ETSY headquarters on Thursday, April 1st and are looking for Topics and Questions from us.

Pleses read the article....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm In An ETSY Treasury WEST

A Lovely Facebook friend of mine, Orit Eisenstein created a Treasury on ETSY with my Red Hat Bead knitted amulet bag in it! WOOT! Thanks so much to her and I hope ya'll go over to the treasury site before March 24th and tell her what a great job she is doing by composing these treasuries! http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=92174

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I love the talented http//www.artfire.com/users/ldphotography I believe the fabulous pendant below is a FINE example of their artistic prowess!The item below is from Yours Truli http//www.artfire.com/users/YoursTruli. She specializes in the vintage, antique style jewellry of bygone eras! Her quality is exceptional & creativity is extraordinary!

And finally http//www.artfire.com/users/acadienne
or ACADIENNE items are the following two photos. She tells a really interesting story in her blog on her studio page about the origins of her shop name.

This particular studio is near & dear to my heart for two reasons: first, I have experienced making hardanger items myself; second, she is located in Tucson, my hometown.

I encourage everyone reading my blog to visit these fabulous studios on ARTFIRE!!
While you are there, consider their handmade artwork for your own or gift giving pleasure.

I am finally trying to catch up on all my blogging endeavors now that a bit of the dust has settled from my mother's passing. Don't get me wrong, the turmoil continues, I am just trying to return to some form of normalcy for my own SANITY!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BUT NOW......It's Just the TWO of US Again!

My soul mate and I were abandoned to fend for ourselves again on February 25th. Took me awhile to come out of my FUNK of being without my little ones, but I am recovering...slowly.

My little soul mate, Squeakers keeps me on my toes! Then there's all that NEEDS to be done so I can get this place sold and get out of here to REJOIN my crew out there in God's Country (North Carolina).

So where am I with all this STUFF that needs doing? Well, while they were here, April & Ella, we had a pretty good sized yard sale with lots of helpers & got rid of a bunch o' stuff. After they left I gave away the dinosaur Hammond organ and they actually came and used three VERY STRONG men to carry it out in the rain to a trailer they rented and drove away with it.
Next, the handmade cutting table that my Dad constructed was given to a very dear friend who has a bicycle business that he could use it in. They also came and disassembled the huge unit into three pieces and trucked it away. My friend and I then cleaned up & organized the largest storage room.
Yesterday I called a roofer who built up the roof (a FLAT one like mine) across the street and gave it insulation and some pitch to let the water runoff. They will be out in a day or so to do an estimate. Then I will call painters for bids on the interior & exterior. Finally I will take all this paperwork along with a list of my debtors I want to pay off to my local banker to apply for a Home Equity Loan to get this work done. At long last, if all that comes through, I will be able to list the house to sell and PRAY it goes quickly.
Oh yea, I still have boxes of clothing and items from Christmas to send to the kids that would not fit in their luggage. Then there's the continual packing going on....I DO GET A BREAK to BEAD and even have a class scheduled here at the house to teach a friend to do "ndebele" or herringbone stitch this Saturday. Haven't taught in ages so I am so glad she is a friend and won't judge my rustiness.
There it is...the blog is now current! Did I miss alot of things we did...sure! But hey, at least I brought this thing up to date! I just wish I was current and more active at managing my online stores so some sales could be happening! All in due time, I guess. NAMASTE!

Monday, March 8, 2010


It wasn't totally ALL WORK AND NO PLAY after the boys left!
The three of us went & played at Tucson's largest park one day...Ella loved the swing!

Mommy April had a few tough moments trying to get the bubble machine to work...

I cherish these memories that we FINALLY were able to SHARE together.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Farewell to Half the Helpers

This photo was taken the day before half of my helpers left to go back to work and school. My grandson Mylz is second from the left & the rest of the crew is his play-pals from next door & of course little sister, Ella on the far right.
His Dad, Delbert did sooo much for getting this project of moving out on the gooooo mode. Mylz was such a great blessing to me also. We even started up making beaded earrings for him to sell on Artfire in his very own shop!
I am so sad they have to leave me now!