Monday, July 12, 2010


SOOOO I have been a very bad blogger for a whole long time now! First reason polymer clay project has been accomplished & I PROMISED IN MY LAST POST THAT I WOULD NOT BLOG AGAIN UNTIL I HAD MADE SOMETHING!!!!!! Well, then along came life & chaos involved in remodelling the whole blasted house. A bladder surgery also ensued and a two & a half long visit from my long lost friend of years past and and ...yadda yadda yadda Basically, I am COPING with a whole lotta changes in life as I knew it for the past 8 years. AND I realize that the whole CHANGE thing is JUST BEGINNING!! The photo I have put up this time shows my adorable (GORGEOUS) almost four year old granddaughter, ELLA with her friends already starting to BEAD without ME!!!! HOW CAN THAT BE??????????????
She is the sweetie in front on the left beaming her show-stopping smile at the camera.

THIS is one of the MANY MANY reasons I am hustling to get this house ship-shape for selling so I can be joining my little honey bunny ELLA & her AMAZZZZZING brother, Mylz in NC ......ASAP!!!

Oh, and a sling of some sort to prevent my stress incontinence was put in me on July 6th at Oro Valley Hospital, Oro Valley, AZ by Dr. Peters. She did a superb job but the real Kudos go to the staff of the Oro Valley Hospital who were simply the best medical caregivers I have EVER experienced. And believe me, in the past 8 years, I have experienced a ton of medical personnel...most of whom should never have been called "CARE"-givers!

My friend of 40 years was a life-saver. She has serious health issues of her own but she drove about 180 miles from Sun City, AZ (NW of Phoenix) just to be here for me through my own mini medical crisis. Thank You Jeanette, even though you don't own a computer & pretty much don't believe in them.

My method to avoiding the remodel CHAOS is simple. Squeaker (you all KNOW my soul mate by now) and I 'hole up' in my bedroom and either sleep, read, knit, bead, crochet or listen to the radio & chill during the entire noisy messy session of hard work going on around us. TODAY, however, BIG CHANGES will be made! I MUST relinquish the final room to be scraped of wallpaper, popcorn ceiling disposed and new paint restored....OUR bedroom for the past 8 years.

SCARY as it is for this dutiful only child...I AM MOVING INTO MOTHER'S MASTER BEDROOM!! Yup I am gathering courage as we speak and preparing for the HUGE transition. I will provide photos stay tuned ya'llll