Saturday, July 23, 2011


So, here it is day FIVE of THE BIG ADVENTURE!!! We are just about to pack it in and leave our LUXURY accomodations at the WESTIN St Louis. We are directly across from the St Louis Cardinals Ball Park...four floors above the a above the metro station with a view of the ARCH!

I just couldn't do another day of lugging belongings in & out in triple digit temperatures....not to mention re-arranging everything in the car for every trip. So I splurged!!!! Concierge took care of it all & will again this morning!

It has been such a WONDERFUL experience so far....GOOD FRIENDS....great company....sweet travel all the way around!!! Off for a new & exciting DAY!!! It's AKRON OR BUST Today!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011



I always knew it would be "NO Problem" when it came to my grandson, Mylz, picking up anything I know how to do. He AMAZED even me with his ability to grasp the concept of crocheting in a couple hours...then adding beads and finally making a bead crochet rope from scratch in just two days of lessons. This is a photo of the proud young man and his accomplishment. It is his second practice piece with absolutely NO ERRORS!!!

This child is a genius!! I wish the world was filled with more amazing young people like him.

OOPS, does that sound like a BRAGGING GRANDMA??? So be it! AMEN
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This AWESOME Guy is my grandson, Mylz! He is the older brother (eleven) to the Little Doll in the previous post!! He is also now here in Tucson, AZ and all set to pursue the Adventure of the Open Road with his grandma and Squeakers the kitty....we are having a BLAST of a time getting prepared for this SOJOURN on the highways of America.

In a mere 6 days, the Bekins men will arrive at my door to pack it all up..then on July 19th, 2011 the big moving van pulls up, Loads up and drives away with almost ALL of my belongings.

My Navigator, Mylz and I then follow by heading North to the Wonderland that is PHOENIX, AZ to stay the night in Sun City, AZ with my girlfriend of 40+ years before embarking on the REST of the journey.

Next, we stop just outside of Alburqueque, NM to spend the night with my mentor and friend, Theresa...perchance to do some beading if time and weariness permits but definitely to do some non-stop chatting and photo taking!!!

We are taking a Northern route so as to make our way up to Akron, OHIO where all MY remaining ROOTS are still flourishing. Most of my father's family is located in or around Akron. I have not seen them in over 40 years!!! I guess this is a reunion of least it is for ME!!

My other girlfriend...we attended elementary school together, has also relocated to Ohio, but near Toledo...a visit with Sharon is also on the agenda. She may even be able to come meet my long lost extended family just 3 hours away in Akron.

The trusty laptop will be travelling with us as well as a few other necessary electronic devices so I really intend to keep ya posted from the road on here as well. Happy Trails Indeed!!!



This is the adorable little gal who is about to turn FIVE YEARS OLD in Fayetteville NC...she is a HUGE PART of my BIG MOVE across country in just SEVEN more days!!!
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