Thursday, December 15, 2011


I am posting this from a PC that I had shipped with all my MESS from Tucson. I had not "used" this PC in over 2 years and it sure is much slower and "different" than the laptop I have gotten "spoiled" with. The darned thing WORKS though which is INCREDIBLE since I bought it in 2003 from a wonderful friend who built it for me. He knows who he is!!! Thanks BOB!

I cannot believe how time has just FLOWN BY since my big move in July! There was the ten day trip by auto with Kitty and Grandson Mylz then the hectic pace of getting a new residence while bumming off my daughter, her man and my grandkids for a month. Now it is these piles and piles of boxes still blessing my garage and storage room not to mention their contents which must find a home either inside the house or in the stash for Garage Sale.

The house I bought, me and Fannie Mae, is 1000 sq ft SMALLER than my Mother's home. Now it's kinda like trying to fit a whale in a sardine can. BUT it's MY SARDINE CAN and I am a mere 3 miles from my daughter & family & see the grandchildren nearly every day!!! YAY!!!!!

I am trying to get all my BEADS and YARN located and organized which might takes years if not DECADES! I found "some" of my Christmas decorations and found a place to erect my 3 foot prelit artificial tree (on my former kitchen table in the Craft room). The most splendid part is I finally get to SHARE my Holidays with the little Family I have here....not what I have but WHO I am with!!!

Must admit I splurged on a couple of purchases for which I will be in hock for a long 46" SMART TV, new 'he' washer and dryer and the house came with a marvelous side by side Samsung computerized refrigerator & high end Kenmore range/oven/microwave that are only 2 years old. So I am very "comfortable" in my new digs.

Been keeping busy knitting now that the cold weather is nearly here. Joined this fabulous group of knitters/crocheters that meet at the local Yarn Shop where I teach an occasional Bead Crochet class. A Row of Purls is the shop's name and our "group knit ins" are twice a week, Monday and Friday evenings. I usually get to just the Monday gatherings as Fridays are reserved for grandchild sleep overs at MY house.

The climate is not messing with my osteoarthritis nearly as much as I thought it would. I am staying pretty active compared the "life of a slug" that I used to lead in Tucson, AZ. Yes, it is more humid, which means my skin is soooooo much happier! People here think LOW Humidity is in the 30% range....HA HA HA...Tucson's average is about 10% I believe!

The people here in Fayetteville, NC are SUPER!! I have the Sweetest Next Door Neighbor Lady who has been a Godsend on Gardening Help!! I acquired a HUGE yard and Lots 'O Plants and Trees that this Desert Rat is gonna need a huge amount of assistance in what to do about it all!!! Especially come early Spring planting time!

The Travel Cat, Squeakers is VERY HAPPY in her new "nest" especially since familiar furniture came in. She is not too "pleased" that we have two "outdoor" cats from next door that like to hang around our front porch and yard. She is especially "miffed" when she sees them rubbing up against me when I am outside doing yardwork or whatever. She trys to tear them apart through our insulated, double paned windows to no avail. HA HA poor Squeakers! She was an AMAZING Travel companion on the LOOOOOONG drive here. She gave us NO GRIEF!!!

So that's about all for this Post. Will get some photos up from the Laptop shortly. Sorry this has been so BORING a BLOG for such a long while...maybe it will improve in time...I HOPE! HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL!!!