Monday, June 29, 2009

She Fell Into My Life...

Today is the day this sweet little girl came to be my soul-mate one year ago and changed me forever!
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well, the picture says it all...I been laying around and not taking care of my blog for some time now! Not that I haven't been working on my Etsy items to post....because I have, no really I have. There's this special order which I got new hanks of beads for from Shipwreck! That's one of my favorite pastimes....BUYING MORE BEADS. So once those arrived I got busy with the order. PLUS I have all these ropes with no finishing done on them and I wanna have a big SHOW of new items for my CHRISTMAS IN JULY event I have planned.
Even though I have been working my bootie off trying to market my shop online, it has been a "nothing" sold month for June.
I joined Beader's Showcase, updated my flickr site, set up a "fan" site on facebook for my store,I think there's more but I am too dang tired to remember.
The other thing is I have been getting little to no sleep. I stay up all night expecting a "call" from mother that she has to go to the bathroom. Too many times I have fallen totally sound asleep only to be wakened by that call and it is AWFUL. So I try to catch winks during the day when she does just fine going by herself.
The weather has been 100's+ and not condusive to photography outdoors like I do also. But, no excuses. I HAVE to get stuff on there.
That's about it for now....gonna nap a bit before the next set of meds are doled out and it's bedtime for Mom.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


All right, I have been an internet "seller" for exactly three months today. I just learned that there is no limit to the clever marketing techniques out there. I am so pleased to have made the acquaintance of this clever lady on Etsy. She honored me with a fantastic trade during the Trade N Stay event that I blogged about last weekend. I received TWO spectacular hand knitted and beaded, delicate mohair lace scarves. WELL....wait till you see what she thought up and it all came about through a bet she had with another seller.

Please check it is amazingly simple but oh so effective....she had over 1000 hits on it in just a couple minutes over 24 hours and it continues to draw attention. That was the bet...she bet that it WOULD NOT get that kind of attention and her friend bet that it would.

Of course it has me going,"WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!!!"

Thanks for stopping by...I have lots more to share just too darned tired to share it tonite...

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yet another first I missed...Little granddaughter Ella riding the carousel HORSE for the FIRST time at Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville, NC...June 1, 2009. She will be 3years old on August 2nd. Her brother, my beloved grandson, MYLZ, age 9 is in the background looking pretty "bored" with it all.

I was sooo active in "caring"for MYLZ as a baby from birth to 2-1/2 years when I came back here. It was heavenly! But being here so far away from the grandma scene for 7 years, it seems like an eternity ago. I have forgotten how wonderful the life of "GRANDMA" really was.....
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


To those who are fortunate enough to bask in the realms of four seasons this will sound like total GREEK. Here in the godforsaken desert where pundits rant on about the "dry" heat there is only ONE THING to do when the temps rise over the 100 degree mark....skulk away in some air conditioned hacienda until late October or even mid November when it is fit for human habitation outdoors again. Hence, NOW is when the beadwork blossoms in my little corner of the world. AND, I get side tracked by sitting down in front of the computer and surf all the fabulous HANDMADE shops and sites of the myriad of self-representing artists out there.

I have a Facebook site in my name: Sylvia Kubilus-Elam and I have befriended so so many talented people on there that my mind swims. Alot of them are in my list of bloggers that I follow. Their blogs are mesmerizing to a veritable novice at this stuff. I wonder how they do it all.