Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well, the picture says it all...I been laying around and not taking care of my blog for some time now! Not that I haven't been working on my Etsy items to post....because I have, no really I have. There's this special order which I got new hanks of beads for from Shipwreck! That's one of my favorite pastimes....BUYING MORE BEADS. So once those arrived I got busy with the order. PLUS I have all these ropes with no finishing done on them and I wanna have a big SHOW of new items for my CHRISTMAS IN JULY event I have planned.
Even though I have been working my bootie off trying to market my shop online, it has been a "nothing" sold month for June.
I joined Beader's Showcase, updated my flickr site, set up a "fan" site on facebook for my store,I think there's more but I am too dang tired to remember.
The other thing is I have been getting little to no sleep. I stay up all night expecting a "call" from mother that she has to go to the bathroom. Too many times I have fallen totally sound asleep only to be wakened by that call and it is AWFUL. So I try to catch winks during the day when she does just fine going by herself.
The weather has been 100's+ and not condusive to photography outdoors like I do also. But, no excuses. I HAVE to get stuff on there.
That's about it for now....gonna nap a bit before the next set of meds are doled out and it's bedtime for Mom.

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  1. Don't you love the way cats contort themselves into all kinds of positions!

    Please try to get your sleep at night. Even if you are wakened from a sound sleep, its better for you than no sleep at all. Besides, if your mom needs you, you don't want to be to sick to help. That was my lecture for you today! lol

    I have no idea how hard it would be to get sales moving in etsy. It sounds like you're off to a good start, even with no sales yet.

    Have a great weekend.