Saturday, June 6, 2009


All right, I have been an internet "seller" for exactly three months today. I just learned that there is no limit to the clever marketing techniques out there. I am so pleased to have made the acquaintance of this clever lady on Etsy. She honored me with a fantastic trade during the Trade N Stay event that I blogged about last weekend. I received TWO spectacular hand knitted and beaded, delicate mohair lace scarves. WELL....wait till you see what she thought up and it all came about through a bet she had with another seller.

Please check it is amazingly simple but oh so effective....she had over 1000 hits on it in just a couple minutes over 24 hours and it continues to draw attention. That was the bet...she bet that it WOULD NOT get that kind of attention and her friend bet that it would.

Of course it has me going,"WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!!!"

Thanks for stopping by...I have lots more to share just too darned tired to share it tonite...


  1. Ok, I'm headed over to check this out. I have to tell you that If I surfed Etsy all day, 24/7 I still would not see every vender there. I love when sellers link to other sellers.

    I met Rocki on My Space, which led me to her blog which led me to her Etsy shop. I have bought from several sellers she has posted about and was glad to have found them!! Its great marketing.

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