Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Animals of YouTube sing "Deck the Halls"

This is the cutest video!! But then the CATS have me hooked!!!

Time Sure Flies When I "KNIT" !!!!

I have been KNITTING for the Holidays..albeit alot of my endeavors were Way To Small for the young-uns up in NC...I will remedy that ASAP! Plus I have a committment to a dear Trade-a-holic Pal on Etsy to provide her with two hats & a cowl out of the discontinued Lion Suede & Lion Thick & Quick Chenilles that I had bunches of in my "stash" of yarns. I have nearly completed that offering....should be in the mail by Friday at the latest.
I have great plans to open my SECOND ETSY SHOP specifically dedicated to my yarnie endeavors in January. I will be either reducing my presence on Artfire to Basic member or remove myself altogether from their site as I have not sold a single item in the entire year of 2010. I paid $100 for the year's membership and did a whole lotta work promoting my shop there but it just didn't work!

I was under the weather quite a bit lately...was it mental duress? Quite possibly, in light of the events of last year this time & the desolation around here this holiday season with no SALE OF HOUSE in sight! My New Year Resolution is DE-FUNK myself so I am more productive emotionally as well as physically!! What are your resolutions?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rest of My Life Starts NOW: Google and Me, Best Buds

Rest of My Life Starts NOW: Google and Me, Best Buds: "Acording to the profesy of Jim Gaffigan, yes Google and I are indeed best buds. just a sample..... why camping is stupid But sereusly I have..."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Latest Collection with my Newest Listing

This is a spectacular selection of really QUALITY BEADWORK!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


There is no greater SEASON in my estimation than FALL! That is probably due to my life spent in the Sothwestern Desert of Arizona where no such season "really" exists. I would have remained pretty ignorant of that fact had I not ventured forth twelve years ago to a faraway land called NORTH CAROLINA! My first Autumn in that amazing "wonderland" of trees and leaves and forests and, did I mention "leaves", brought me to TEARS! I had never witnessed the changing hues of all the leafy things ever before....I never knew those colors even existed!! Of course after spending three more FALLS there i also learned of the chore of RAKING up all those gorgeous leaves...but I still have to say..the autumnal splendor still ranks right up there at the tippy top of all my FANTASTIC ADVENTURES in LIFE!!!

Wire Wrap Pendant COLLECTION on Artfire!

IF I had my druthers, every one of these would be in my possession RIGHT NOW!!


I never would have thunk it to be SOOOO EZ to create a collection...but it was! This could be addicting!! Please come view & comment so I get motivated to do more, okay??