Thursday, October 14, 2010


There is no greater SEASON in my estimation than FALL! That is probably due to my life spent in the Sothwestern Desert of Arizona where no such season "really" exists. I would have remained pretty ignorant of that fact had I not ventured forth twelve years ago to a faraway land called NORTH CAROLINA! My first Autumn in that amazing "wonderland" of trees and leaves and forests and, did I mention "leaves", brought me to TEARS! I had never witnessed the changing hues of all the leafy things ever before....I never knew those colors even existed!! Of course after spending three more FALLS there i also learned of the chore of RAKING up all those gorgeous leaves...but I still have to say..the autumnal splendor still ranks right up there at the tippy top of all my FANTASTIC ADVENTURES in LIFE!!!

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  1. Beautiful blog post - I've always wondered how people feel when they travel to cooler climates and experience autumn.