Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So Much for Keeping Up! PFFFFFT!!!

YUP!  This is my Life now.  I be either making pieces to sell at City Market at the Museum in Fayetteville, NC or I be selling there every Saturday and Fourth Fridays too.  That's me, from a fabulous "up" shot taken by my loyal partner, grandson Mylz....we have sweated through many a hot morning this summer peddling my wares.  The fabulous Harley Davidson shirt is courtesy my loving daughter, April as my Mother's Day gift...I LOVE IT!!

We put up and take down that canopy from Harbor Freight Tools mostly by ourselves...the wonderful vendors we sell with are so super at assisting us when we are in need.  I just figured out it has been 5 months since we first set up at the Transportation Museum....wish I could say we were rolling in the wealth....but I cannot.  It is sure a wonderful way to make new friends though!

We have been invited to a couple of Juried Events before in particular looks highly appealing but it is $175 up front and will mean two days totalling 21 hours of selling....that's pretty darned demanding.  You can tell I am new to this whole vendor life...then too, I am only one person and I am realizing very late in life that I can only do so much on my own.  So my inventory can only be what I can that enough for a huge show???  Points to ponder.  I had given serious consideration to doing the International Folk Festival but backed out of that one.

So now you know where I have been keeping myself all these months.  No moss growing on me from lack of activity even though it be of the more sedentary variety.  The yard has been kept up albeit rather poorly.  At least the neighbors aren't leaving threatening notes on my door or calling the Health Dept.  I mow the grass and trim the edgings as much as my feeble body will allow.  Now that the weather is finally cooling. it is easier to get out and do the yard work.  I sure have progressed immensely from that depressed, sickly, crippled old lady living alone and deserted in the desert a year ago....I am soooooo grateful for my grandchildren and daughter's family for that improvement in my lifestyle!
Have I unpacked all those zillions of boxes in my storage room and garage?  NOT EVEN!!!  I watch that show Hoarders & picture all the junk from those boxes packed into my poor little house & it freaks me, let's be honest, I HATE UNPACKING even more than I hated PACKING all that garbage.  Procrastination is a fine art of mine!

So that's my latest scoop on what's new in my world more promises on how loyal I am gonna be to posting more blog entries.  When it happens, it happens....take care ya'll.