Saturday, September 26, 2009

HARMON ART - Artfire Crazy Train Rider 9/26

The new BIG thing out here in Tucson is GOURD ART...this outstanding example of extremely GOURD-geous artwork is from Kentucky...
This "kettle" gourd is 8 inches tall and 7 inches wide. Permanent inks were hand painted on it's surface then sealed. It sells for $18

With just 90 days until the BIG Christmas Celebration, I start to plan my gift giving.

This is an earthenware hand sculpted ceramic spoon rest using an actual black oak leaf from the artist's own backyard...Sure wish we had leaves like this in the southwest desert.
This sells for $22
Be sure to stop by and consider ALL the marvelous handmade items at this ARTFIRE studio for your gift giving this Holiday Season!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sweet Whimsy Rides The Crazy Train Today!

Sweet Whimsy is our Crazy Train Rider

for Today 9/24 - 9/25

She makes these really beautiful pendants. This paisley one is from a scrabble tile wood and is only $8.50

This wire wrapped pendant is fascinating to me....
She describes the process and I still cannot believe it is not composed of metal. To see what it is made of go to:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aquariann on Artfire

This was our ARTFIRE Crazy Train Studio a couple days ago...

I am a HUGE FAN of Faeries,Gnomes,Dragons and other Fantasy characters.
I just thought her artwork was really special and deserved notice on my BLOG!
The first is Halloween oriented...then Christmas cards and finally...

A Unicorn and fairy.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


AWHILE back, I was cruising the Etsy site just shopping for lampwork beads. I came across the superior Glass Artist and SRA Karen Klomparens! I think I also became one of her best least my purchases from her are greater than from anyone else...
This cute little green fella is one of my favorites! He was actually meant for braided hair or dreadlocks, but he just spoke to me and I knew he REALLY wanted to climb my bead crocheted I got him and some of his friends too.
The problem with ALL of Karen's ART GLASS is I deem it just too beautiful for my unworthy bead crochet ropes, so it sits in anticipation of when I can create a worthy compliment to it. Well this little guy just BELONGED on my woodsy hand spun mix of brown beads.
Then I stumbled upon some kitten hook clasps and the piece was formed.
This is listed on my ETSY and ARTFIRE sites so far. The hits on it have been for Karen, you can find her right here at: or go to her Etsy shop:
I went there again when I finished this necklace to sent her a convo and ended up with 3 more of her treasures in my stay tuned, you will be seeing alot more of her ART showcased on my pieces!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have been TRYING to GROW MY NETWORK and has it ever...but the greatest news was that my hard work on photographing my creations paid off and I was FINALLY accepted by the 1000 MARKETS site. My avatar is above. It is another shop that I plan to include my daughter's artistry in stringing beads on eventually...when she gets organized.. The new website address for this shop is:

I also finally completed one of my notable original designs that I have a difficult time generating for some unknown reason...this being my bead crochet bangle of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise A grade rounded chunks and firepolish crystals.
I will eventually have these listed on all of my retail sites and should they be the success I hope they will, I will offer them in choices of a variety of firepolish colors to accent the genuine turquoise.
I am ready to roll now on some innovative designs and creations for the upcoming Season of Cheer and Celebration!