Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have been TRYING to GROW MY NETWORK and has it ever...but the greatest news was that my hard work on photographing my creations paid off and I was FINALLY accepted by the 1000 MARKETS site. My avatar is above. It is another shop that I plan to include my daughter's artistry in stringing beads on eventually...when she gets organized.. The new website address for this shop is:

I also finally completed one of my notable original designs that I have a difficult time generating for some unknown reason...this being my bead crochet bangle of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise A grade rounded chunks and firepolish crystals.
I will eventually have these listed on all of my retail sites and should they be the success I hope they will, I will offer them in choices of a variety of firepolish colors to accent the genuine turquoise.
I am ready to roll now on some innovative designs and creations for the upcoming Season of Cheer and Celebration!

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  1. Well, looks like your ducks are in a longer row. Congrats on the new shop and a beautiful Avatar selection.