Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yet another first I missed...Little granddaughter Ella riding the carousel HORSE for the FIRST time at Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville, NC...June 1, 2009. She will be 3years old on August 2nd. Her brother, my beloved grandson, MYLZ, age 9 is in the background looking pretty "bored" with it all.

I was sooo active in "caring"for MYLZ as a baby from birth to 2-1/2 years when I came back here. It was heavenly! But being here so far away from the grandma scene for 7 years, it seems like an eternity ago. I have forgotten how wonderful the life of "GRANDMA" really was.....
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  1. Yes, it is. Mine have always been close and lived with me a lot of the time, as they do now. Its a lot of work, but so so much joy. I was thinking the other day, since the oldest is a freshman in high school next year, how will I handle an "empty nest" again.