Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This AWESOME Guy is my grandson, Mylz! He is the older brother (eleven) to the Little Doll in the previous post!! He is also now here in Tucson, AZ and all set to pursue the Adventure of the Open Road with his grandma and Squeakers the kitty....we are having a BLAST of a time getting prepared for this SOJOURN on the highways of America.

In a mere 6 days, the Bekins men will arrive at my door to pack it all up..then on July 19th, 2011 the big moving van pulls up, Loads up and drives away with almost ALL of my belongings.

My Navigator, Mylz and I then follow by heading North to the Wonderland that is PHOENIX, AZ to stay the night in Sun City, AZ with my girlfriend of 40+ years before embarking on the REST of the journey.

Next, we stop just outside of Alburqueque, NM to spend the night with my mentor and friend, Theresa...perchance to do some beading if time and weariness permits but definitely to do some non-stop chatting and photo taking!!!

We are taking a Northern route so as to make our way up to Akron, OHIO where all MY remaining ROOTS are still flourishing. Most of my father's family is located in or around Akron. I have not seen them in over 40 years!!! I guess this is a reunion of sorts....at least it is for ME!!

My other girlfriend...we attended elementary school together, has also relocated to Ohio, but near Toledo...a visit with Sharon is also on the agenda. She may even be able to come meet my long lost extended family just 3 hours away in Akron.

The trusty laptop will be travelling with us as well as a few other necessary electronic devices so I really intend to keep ya posted from the road on here as well. Happy Trails Indeed!!!

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  1. Cool start to your travels. The challenge will be to update and post along the way.