Saturday, May 22, 2010


This is my next dream...I wanna play with clay...
but I have said that before, so what's the delay?(I should maybe be a poet, too?)
I think it is pretty evident from how slack I am with my blog postings that I am a PROCRASTINATOR extraordinaire!!! Maybe not so much a slacker as a "what is the most important 'need' right nower"....Because I do stay busy at my beading and such.
I just find these cute little poly clay works of art by other artisans so darned cute and original.
The studio I am promoting from ARTFIRE in this little blurb is:
Isn't taking old battered switchplate covers and turning them into artistic masterpieces just the greatest idea? I wanna do that. And the darling little teddy bear miniature complete with mask and little pumpkin would be such a cute ooak collectible piece.

OR how about this bright and sunny FLOWER wall hanging to brighten any room and it is designed with BEADS (I know about them, a little)...I wanna make this kinda thing!

Maybe I have to make a committment to ATTEMPT SOME POLYMER CLAY CREATION before my next blog post and include a photo of matter how pathetic it may be. YUP! That is my goal.

I must admit, after the demos at the FAIR I have been kept quite busy teaching classes in what I know to other folks here at my home.
So life is GRAND and getting grander day by day!


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