Thursday, March 31, 2011

$159,970 & NO OFFERS YET????

I am in the mood to bitch, piss and moan today...why? Maybe because the wind is blowing...maybe because I am really TIRED of bunches of people coming through or should I say "racing" through my house with not even an offer made since August 2010...

It started at $217,000 which all the stats show is the fair market value for this home. Now I just lowered it AGAIN to the ridiculous price of $159,970!!! Good God! Must I give this well maintained, one owner, LARGE, super CLEAN, 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 family room, formal dining, eat-in kitchen, double garage with additional carport in rear yard, 2 fully equipped "workshop" storage areas AWAY??? At this current price, that's what I will be doing!

I MISS MY Daughter and her two wonderful little children sooooo much. It has now been another year of not participating in their lives!!! I actually have moments when I swear I will be "trapped" in this 2200 sq ft tomb FOREVER!!

One thing for sure, I now know how to keep a place spotlessly clean Every Stinking day just in case "prospective buyers" show up....BUT, anyone who believes the cow pucky that the economy is on the mend and we're all just hunky dory...guess again folks!!!

And oh yea...buried the St Joseph statue and that whole ritual also...not WINNING!!!

Happy trails???

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  1. Gads, Sylvia! I would buy it if I could. It looks awesome! I'm sorry you're having a hard time selling. :(