Sunday, May 13, 2012


Here's my little Squeakers, taking in the cards & flowers from the best Mother's Day ever!!
I have been so remiss in posting on here...shame on me!!  Squeakers is now 4 years old....I have been in my new home over 8 months....most everything is still in boxes.....I have been selling at the City Market in downtown Fayetteville every Saturday for about 6 weeks now....I mow my own lawn, work in the garden pulling weeds, planting, watering, raking leaves.  WOW!!  I  AM  ALIVE ! ! !  At Last!
I realize I will have to be doing a whole lotta De-Stashing of my yarn & Beads on Etsy  REAL SOON!!
But here's the kicker of all kickers...I am applying for a part time J O B to be able to supplement my disability income so I can SURVIVE!!!
YUP!  I can do it!!!!  I KNOW  I  CAN!
That's me at the set up downtown on the very first day we were out there in March!  We have since added a 10x10 canopy that has to be put up & torn down at each setup.  Mylz is my loyal companion for all these outings.  If we only could make some money at it things would be MUCH  BETTER!!!
Well, thanks for sticking with me.   I will really try harder to post more on here!!

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