Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Watch Cat

I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't experienced it for goes like this: We had rain yesterday and again last night. Well, that IS UNUSUAL, yes...BUT the real strange part happened real early this morning.......
My sweet little kitty, Squeakers, was really off on her rousting timing. She is never off on the time she has chosen to wake me, 3 am. I still am not 100% sure why that is the chosen time but it's like she has a built in alarm that sets her off and she starts to torture me.
This morning it wasn't even 1:30 am yet and there she was...meowing, scratching me through the sheet, biting me... so I did what I usually do when unnecessarily disturbed by the rambunctious night rambler. I groggily reached for the trusty spray bottle on my headboard and gave her a squirt while barking "NO". That is usually all it takes, one squirt and she relocates to the hallway and pouts herself back to slumber until 3 am (wake-up time).
Not this morning, oh no she just kept coming back and repeating the scene over and over and over. I finally decided after a good half an hour, by then I was awake enough to think, maybe I should just get up and walk around. I rose from the bed and watched her as she headed toward the door out of my room. She was acting really "spooked" peering out into the hallway. HMMMM? (I have always thought cats can see ghosts but I was really hopeful that's all that this might be)
I staggered half awake out into the hallway and now she has her hackles up outside my mother's bedroom doorway. Mom has an oxygenator pumping away in her room while she sleeps and the dog is out cold on the bed beside her as always. I poked my head in the room, nothing odd, though I did hear a slightly different sound emanating from somewhere. So I started the trek through the rest of the rooms to see if I could find the sound.
Nothing unusual, just a slight pitter- patter of raindrops on the flat roof as a gentle rain was falling. But Squeakers is not content that I am doing all this. She is still aggitated and meowing at me like I am some ignorant schmuck. She is back to standing in mother's doorway and looking spooky again. " Okay Okay I will go inside", I tell her as I tip toe into the room so as not to arouse any of the heavy sleepers. I get to the master bath area and I hear the sound again only louder now. I look up at the skylight directly overhead and lo and behold...droplets of water are drip drip dripping onto the sink countertop and the floor. AHA,
now I know what she was telling me..."a leak! we have a leak!!" she's been saying in her own purr-fect way. ( I swore she sneered at me when I made the discovery.)
I got an empty wastebasket and lined it with a plastic bag and then placed a towel over it to catch the water. Squeakers surveyed the operation with approval and she was content....and I was ......WIDE AWAKE!
Her adventure and duty was finished, she fell sound asleep.
I worked on stringing beads for a choker I promised a trader. Had a cup of hot cocoa. Then got on the computer and networked my head off until 7:30 am when I finally crashed and burned until 10 am when it was rise and shine because Mom was awake and I needed to start chores.
I thank GOD for my little Alarm Cat who is so conscious of what could be potentially hazardous to us mere humans. By the way, did I say that the DOG SLEPT SOUNDLY THROUGH THE WHOLE EVENT?


  1. Wow, cats are amazing aren't they!? My fiance and I are huge cat fans! I'm glad that you have such a great helper!!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Such a good kitty! I hope she was rewarded for her efforts. :) BEBs