Friday, August 21, 2009

I WON A PRIZE!! ... and Lots More Goodies, too.....


and the entire listing from her Etsy shop is here:
I "met" muffintop when I was accepted as an Etsy Trade-A-Holics Team member. She is one of a few very busy people giving of their time to see that team progress. It is gaining new members amazingly fast. It is a real joy to TRADE with the people on Etsy.
Just yesterday they had their very first "TRADING FRENZY" that only lasted 18 hours. In less than four hours here's what I got:
Dawn has traded with me before and I just love her dichroic pendants.
Then I got 2 sets of these:
which I had been wanting for a long while. They came from here:
Paula just happens to be in Spain! Isn't the internet amazing?
Then from my favorite art jewelry designer on Etsy, who I always try to trade with I got this:
Jessi's outstanding work in quality cut gem stones and precious metals can be found here:
I have alot of her gemstone art and highly recommend her work!
Then I got something else I BADLY NEEDED...a set of banners for my new ARTFIRE studio from this shop:
and Stephanie is operating her business from the UK. So stay tuned to see my NEW BANNER.
My final trade was with a darling gal, Jimell, who is sending all the following to my granddaughter in NC.
Her adorable shop of exceptionally cute little girlie items is:
Please check out all the links above...then join Etsy to partake of even more spectacular handmade treasures by thousands of international artisans!
Most especially, visit Cy's shop, my benevolent gift giver, at:
Thank you all for visiting my Blog and please follow me.


  1. I had a great time trading too! I love the two bracelets I already have of yours - get compliments every time I wear them! Can't wait to get the lemon bracelet!

    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks again for the trades! I'm wearing the green crocodile rock necklace right now, and drooling over that blue one you posted!

    I really appreciate your kind words on your blog, you made me blush :D Didn't know you had an artfire shop, off to check it out.