Wednesday, June 1, 2011


There was the Pima County Fair...>see the photos above of our space for demos there< my gosh, that was over a month ago!!! Then there was a huge multi family yard sale where I got terribly burnt from sun that I never even felt thanks to COOL temperatures and blustery winds...peeled like an orange for weeks. Really was not an attractive addition to an already prune-y physique, believe me!

May is NOT a favorite month of mine to be so far removed from my daughter...first there was yet another Mother's Day apart...sob! Then there was her 37th birthday on May 20th...I was too broke to even send her the bracelets that I made her...they are still sitting waiting to be shipped...then there was the eternal WAIT to sell this house!!!!! I AM SOOOOOO DONE WITH THE HOUSING ECONOMY, FOLKS!

Basically I have been super duper in the dumps!

We had yet another OPEN HOUSE last Sunday...Memorial Day weekend and all. It yielded THE PERSON I want to see get this house...he is a wonderful young man raising his three children by himself...he is from TOGO, Africa originally and is bringing his mother up from there to live with him and her we wait and see what he can qualify for...I DO SOOOOO see them in this huge home and I know he would be very pleased with the surroundings here. SO many of the potential buyers are so critical of what is here or NOT here...needs this, doesn't have that, would have to do this...this fellow LOVED the place "as is" and had no negative remarks at all. All my friends have been saying all along is that the RIGHT person will come along. This is that right person I just FEEL it!!!! So I have been praying my heart out that he qualifies high enough that I can afford to let him have this place. I even have prayer requests on it posted to the internet. The family deserves a good home like this one!

I have been half-heartedly doing my beading as well...but just too bummed to photo, write up and post my new creations on ETSY...shame on my apathy!! I am pushing myself to be's coming up on 9 years since I moved down here from NC to care for my past time to be MOVING BACK!! Plus I have been living in this way too large space for a year and a half since mom passed...too long to be away from family!!!

So that's the news from the great southwestern desert for this first day of June. The true BLESSING has been our weather...milder than I ever remember for so late into Spring...saving tremendously on electric and gas bills...watering the plants has gone up due to the dryness though.

Let's see if I can maintain a more active BLOG in days to come...always speak the truth and you'll never get caught in a lie... always admit when you're wrong and apologize and you can walk with your head held high... let go of your worries and do what you can, at the end of the day, you'll rest easy... if somebody does you wrong, don't spend your energy hating them, wish them well and walk away... living well is always the best revenge..

Happy Trails Ya'll...till we meet again!


  1. Thank you Sylvia for the link and sharing your wish is all things go well for you! Happy Beading!

  2. Thanx for Sharing! Hope the House Sells to a Lovely Family Sylvia. =)) And I LOVE the Last Alinea! =)) <3 Mxoxox