Friday, May 15, 2009

She's Fit and Feisty

Thanks for your comments...the little girl is back to herself and not even noticing that anything happened. She is back to HER schedule rousting me at 2:30 am to "play" until oh....8 or 9 am!!! Ya gotta LUV EM!! Then the little bugger sleeps all day while I work away. She is my angel and muse and I wuv her bunches.....

I tried to change some layout and formatting on here. Guess that is a lifetime of experimentation. The header is probably WAY TOO LARGE. I'll figure it out eventually, I hope.

Spent today doing what I least shopping, getting gas,and picking up prescriptions. Asked the checkout at Costco pharmacy why they waited until we had 100+degree days to do parking lot reassembly and construction. Now we must walk what seems like 5 miles just from the car to the store avoiding all the fenced "hard hat" areas. No was the local politicians' doing.

I just love living in a suburb of Mexico....with the same corruption and chaos. Having been BORN here in Tucson, I know for a fact that in my nigh onto 60 years association with the city, county and state governments it has been a steady trend downhill as the population grew. A community of over one million residents with the mentality of a one horse hitching post!!!

I am sooooo grateful to my wonderful mobile mechanic who upgraded my AC on the "hoop dee" to the new kind with no freon but that "new" cheaper stuff running through it.
I spent two entire summers with no AC at all and I just couldn't take it one more year. The blast furnace effect with the windows down just wasn't cutting it anymore.
You know that saying: "BUT it's a DRY HEAT"??? Well, mama...HOT is HOT, DRY or NOT!!!!

I should be crocheting with beads right now, or sleeping like my little muse in front of, here I am expounding on reality.

Have a big bunch o' birthday busyness to ship off to NC by saturday so it makes it to my precious daughter for her 35th year on this molten rock. She will celebrate on May 20th, for the sixth year without me. [:<

That's it for this back with more chilling thrills when I get a notion...adios

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  1. About your header. I change mine every so often, but I use my own pictures. I really don't know what I am doing, but you have to make your picture the size to fit the size of the header. I'm not sure how you would do that with you header unless you put it in a program like Photo Bucket and edit the size.

    I am so technologically challenged! its hit and miss for me.

    I don't have cats, but I do know that my dogs sometimes get a notion in their head in the middle of the night..a trip outside, a midnight snack...we are slaves to our babies.