Friday, May 22, 2009

What A Day This has Been

Here it is May 22nd in the great southwestern desert and our high temperature yesterday was 70 degrees....I died and went to heaven it was so beautiful!! Besides the great "heat stoppage" we also had a steady, light, soaking kind of rain that only happens in February or March around here. No micro burst, no blowing dust storm, no horrendous lightning or roaring thunder just a cool, calm winter rain.

So after the last of the misty rain fell, I was able to pack up my remaining items that demand photos for my Etsy shop and got some dynamite shots outside in the clean, crisp, moist air. The temperature at that point...5 pm...was 62 degrees. We had ten days of 100+ temps just a couple days ago so I revelled in the coolness.
Even got a couple drops of water on a pomagranate in a couple shots. Hope you can see it in the image above. WATER...IN THE DESERT...UNHEARD OF!!

After taking 144 pix, I came in for the fun part >EDITING< d r a g

I ended up with enough left to use in my shop after discovering my photographic skills weren't quite as perky as I thought. Now I have yet to POST them. Checked my shop and lo and behold another bracelet had sold whilst I was slaving behind the lens....woo hoo.

I must thank Carol, my one and only "follower" for her generous comments on my nonsense here...I really appreciate the input.

Off to post at 12:40am zzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Well, thank you! I have had my blog for about 1 year. I am a member of the BJP, so I developed several followers, but the thrill of an additional follower, and the comments left are exhilarating. Then I learned that if my blog is set to approve comments, they come to me in an email and I can reply back to the sender in a wonderfully personal way. I have developed some VG relationships with some of my blog friends and we correspond off blog also.

    I'm glad you are enjoying yours. You'll get a lot of followers through etsy, I am sure.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. O, I forgot. I wanted to tell you that your pic taken on the flower bud was so creative!! I love it!