Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So Here I Am, NOW WHAT??

This begins my life as a "blogger", I guess.

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo but it was a "mess" for me...At 5:30 am, my little muse got her right rear leg caught between the mattress and wooden frame of my bed and sprained her little knee really badly. She let out such a YOWL that I was sure she had broken her leg and I was a wreck.

Wouldn't you know the only means of transportation was broken with the mechanic coming at 10 am to continue work on my " hoop dee " 79 Lincoln classic.

Matters not, as it turned out when I called the Pet Clinic, the lovely lady vet I use was in surgery all day anyway and I couldn't get my little girl in until 3:30. OOOOhhhh Boy!!

Thank goodness she decided to curl up in a blanket on the loveseat and rest all day...healing very uncommon for the feline tornado that she is.

Me, I strung beads on threads for MORE crochet ropes, of course. AND...>smile<...packaged my first REAL order of 3 bracelets on ETSY. WOO HOO.

At 2 pm, when Mr Mechanic got the classic back to driveable (for the rest of the day only) I boogied over to Wally World and picked up a postal scale, bubble envelopes and treats for the little girl with the crippled leg and rushed home in time to go get her repaired.

Vet Lady gave her an injection for pain and one for inflammation after surveying the wreckage and determining it could only be a minor knee sprain. Got her home, with alot of "I don't like to ride in the classic" whining. She hopped out of her carrier> ten foot tall and bulletproof<>drugs and stuck to me like velcro!

About 6 pm I rambled off to mail my Etsy sale and trade and get some slop from Jacque in the Box.

The real bummer is..she is now paranoid of my bedroom, which used to be her haven..and i have lost my cuddle buddy for sleeping.....WAAAAAAAAAAH BOO HOO! She still gets me up at 3:30 am though so I can give her treats. Then when she is real sure I am wide awake and busy on the computer, she crashes out in the rising sun of morning.

So that's my first weird entry in to the world of the rabid beader. Until later....S


  1. Give her time. We had Harley, and twice in two weeks, he was in the bedroom when the Sylmar aftershocks were....for a month he wouldn't go in because that was the room that shook...after that he was fine. Chin scratches to your little girl.

  2. Well, Welcome to the blog world. Your baby will forget all about her owiee and be back to normal before you know it.

    Love your crochet ropes!