Thursday, March 11, 2010


I love the talented http// I believe the fabulous pendant below is a FINE example of their artistic prowess!The item below is from Yours Truli http// She specializes in the vintage, antique style jewellry of bygone eras! Her quality is exceptional & creativity is extraordinary!

And finally http//
or ACADIENNE items are the following two photos. She tells a really interesting story in her blog on her studio page about the origins of her shop name.

This particular studio is near & dear to my heart for two reasons: first, I have experienced making hardanger items myself; second, she is located in Tucson, my hometown.

I encourage everyone reading my blog to visit these fabulous studios on ARTFIRE!!
While you are there, consider their handmade artwork for your own or gift giving pleasure.

I am finally trying to catch up on all my blogging endeavors now that a bit of the dust has settled from my mother's passing. Don't get me wrong, the turmoil continues, I am just trying to return to some form of normalcy for my own SANITY!


  1. I am just discovering Artfire. I have to remind myself to click over there. Seems like I automatically click to Etsy. thanks for the reminder.

  2. Hi Sylvia, Nice to meet a new blogger. Thanks for you kind comment at my site. Thanks also for the reminder here about Artfire. The pictures you posted are of very lovely things and I'll have to check it out. Read a little of you blog and it sounds like you are in the midst of an exciting new journey.....that I hope will take you and Squeakers to NC (and beading) just as quickly and easily as possible.