Monday, July 6, 2009


I FINALLY got busy finishing off my pieces with lampwork art created by various Etsy Glass Artists, This is the first of many items that will showcase the work of Pam Dansie.

She is an Etsy Artisan, Artfire Artisan, and 1000 Markets Artisan. I bought this wonderful slider focal bead from her shop on Etsy:

She is also a blogger on this site:
I don't have her other locations, but if you visit either of the sites given you will gather all the info you need to see her marvelous work on any of her many sites.

And, oh the by, if you spot anything of hers that you might like ME to put into one of my special bead crochet ropes, please let me know either here, or at MY etsy shop:
or at

I couldn't capture the actual depth of colors in the design of this bead with my camera. It is just a super stunning piece!

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