Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Picture Perfect/Desert Bloom

This is the FIRST finished piece of what I hope will be a long and fruitful relationship between my shop and
whose artwork is showcased in the sumptuous cactus flower pendant on my intricately crocheted rope in the photos here. Please be sure to visit Sarah's shop to see her magnificent photography!

Early into my Etsy experience I discovered that we can check out who is local on etsy. In other words, shops who are in the same city or state as we are. This I thought was very KEWL!
I spotted this shop with really spectacular photography AND the artist made some of her prints into art pendants.....WELL

I sent a convo (message) to this gal, Sarah Whitney, that I loved her photography, but especially her handmade pendants with cactus blossoms, jack rabbits, southwestern skies, etc. My only problem was if the bails would slide on my crochet ropes. I expessed my desire to showcase her work in this manner. Sarah started brainstorming where to find larger bails. She is just the sweetest gal.

Shortly thereafter I was a beadwork demonstrator at the Pima County Fair just outside of Tucson. While chatting with different people, I learned of a shop not too far from my home that carried the larger bails we were looking for in sterling silver.
Sarah was more than anxious to acquire the right sized bails to start custom pendants for me to buy and use in my work. She lives miles and miles from the glass shoppe location, but she put her youngest son in her vehicle and met me at the shop.
It was so special for me to actually meet another artist on Etsy and sorta collaborate on some pieces together IN PERSON. And her son and daughter,who I met when she was kind enough to deliver her finished pieces directly to my door, are just precious.
The personal touch of meeting and associating with local artisans would normally have me all jazzed to form some sort of local Etsy group cooperative for support and networking.
That was the old me...jump in with both feet and mingle with the masses.

My situation is now changed and I am lucky to leave the house once a week to buy groceries or pick up prescriptions. Occasionally, terrific encounters such as mine with Sarah, remind me of long long ago. Seven years have taken their toll on my psyche but I guess somewhere my true personality lurks deep in my soul.

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