Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Muse was Flushed!

Okay, Okay....before any panic sets in....only her EARS were flushed yesterday. I swear, it's like she is my little baby child. I have been just sick with worry about her since I dropped her off at the Vet at 8 am Tuesday, July 7.

They wouldn't let me pick her up until 4:30 pm. I fretted about her starving since 10 pm the night before and not having water to drink all this time and such. When I picked her up after too long a wait in the lobby (well the scared momma in me thought so, anyway)...the doctor called me in to inform me that she has NEVER SEEN SUCH A BUILDUP OF WAX in a cat's ears in all her years of veterinary medicine.

I discussed the possibility of an inner ear infection. Poor Squeaker has been missing the mark when jumping up on things for about a week. She said it could very well be, as she couldn't see all the way to the drum in the right ear. The left eardrum was clear. So she gave me tablets to crush in her food.

I had used drops in her ears once before and nearly had to go to the ER for all the scratches I received in the administration of said drops. Hence the use of crushed tablets in food this time.

Last night was torture for me because she refused to sleep near me in any way. I got more rest, sorta, since Squeaker slept through the night for once, but my concern for her recovery and the deviation from the norm had me stressed nonetheless.

I FINALLY got her to eat some canned tuna from my hand and a couple treats about one hour ago. She still will not drink water. She has brought me her favorite toy (substitute for a baby's "blankie" I think) and has actually ventured to the picture window in the living room to watch for lizards and birds for a few minutes.

She will not attempt to jump up on anything yet....confirming my suspicions of the inner ear problems.

Gosh, do I sound like a new mother or what?????

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  1. Well of COURSE its normal for an animal lover to be so concerned about a sick baby. She's got your number though. Its going to take her a while to forgive and forget. That's how they sink the hook even deeper!!