Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AMAZING Handmade Artisan Cards on ARTFIRE

The ARTFIRE Crazy Train had another SUPER RIDER on October 26-27
AS USUAL..I missed the dates due to extenuating circumstances in my own messed up life, but I bet she can used some publicity TODAY....Her studio is:

The first thing that attracted me to her work was her cards created with CROSS STITCH handwork in them For years, right before I got into beadwork, I was an avid cross-stitcher. I KNOW the intensity of the work involved in creating these masterpieces in stitchery. I think her work in that regard is superb!
Then I observed her creativity in other aspects of her card making. Her three dimensional use of paper-craft and the uniqueness of designs are truly "note" worthy....
Just look at the different use of paper "fanning" in the above example of work. For a wonderful ORIGINAL piece of "art" to send for any occasion, you should go to this studio and see ALL her offerings!!

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  1. Very nice...But I prefer a knitted "UGLY" Christmas sweater!!

    I dig your Blog Mom!