Saturday, October 31, 2009


So the Great Day of Trick or Treating is FINALLY HERE! WHOA, for an old fuddy duddy like me, it seems like this year has just flown by...but my grandkids remind me how sloooooow the days go when you are a child.

Our Crazy Train Rider today just happens to be Char Myers from the Pacific Northwest and the link to her Artfire Shop is:
This shop is special to me as I personally KNOW how great it is! I bought items from her already and look forward to the possibility of more items coming my way (maybe by trade....hope hope).

The first product, above is a notebook or catalog cover that she designed and it fits in perfect for Halloween..or my grandchildren's choice with pink ribboned skulls.
This second, is just an adorable hand puppet that "loves" his owner so grandkids would love this one too.

I got one of these as a "gift" with my purchase...and was that A TREAT!! It truly is sleep inducer...been nothing but GOOD SLEEP since I tucked it into my pillow.
by the way, I do not use sewing machines but my mother did and I know a good seamstress when I see her work. Char is just super!
I purchased one of these and got TWO different style felt magnets...again superbly made and just so "LOVE"ly to give as stocking stuffers!

NOW we come to my passionate recommendation that everyone get these neck cozies! They are worn around the neck after soaking in water to keep us COOL in the summer! They work FABULOUSLY well here in the HOT HOT Southwestern DESERT!
I purchased FOUR of these and want more to give as gifts!! They are so perfectly made and the fabric designs are so unique.
I give CharSpirit my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION so please check her out.

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