Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Phoenix Rising Glass Art put me in her BLOG

Jann Alexander-McCullough wrote about me and my artistic endeavors in her blog on October 19, 2009. How very sweet of her as she only knows me from my Artfire Studio and us both being members of Indie Public. Her blogspot is here:


Please check it out...she has some neat info on there about alot of artisans.

What you see pictured here are some of her many eclectic talents.

These can be seen at her Artfire Studio:


She does so many more artistic venues than I do. She wire-wraps, felts angora sweaters that are upcycled, creates enameled pendants and MOST especially...she does pencil drawings like the puppy below...she is AMAZING!

I highly suggest you visit her studio at Artfire and do some serious shopping from this talented lady.

She lives in Glendale, Arizona
so we share the Arizona Artisan
connection as well.

Her Boston Terrier is truly and amazing work of art!


  1. OMGoodness Sylvia, I love the blog you wrote about me. It is wonderful, very elegant. You are a real Sweetheart and a True Artist.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,

  2. Hi Sylvia
    I love it when artists blog about each other giving each other some well earned pats on the back. There is a lot of talent that goes unseen. Thanks for the post. I'm going over there now to see what she said about you.

    Have a great day, both of you!